Junin foods.


   June june the month of june comes there and with It the famous party juninas and tipicad foods corn cake, pinhão,canjica, curral, Sweet Rice are some of the exenplos of quitutes of  this epic of the year!
 And today we Will talk about two foods from the june party.

         Sweet Rice...

        The Sweet Rice os of example It is common tô find Rice with sugar in preparations of dishes typical of Hindu marriages.in Tailand he brings coconut and os served with slices of mango and Very little sugar.the Sweet Rice can be served hot or geladi.


     The canjica is a delicacy typical of the Brazilian cuisine consumed especially in the period of the festas juninas and Julinas.the terminar comes from the kimbim Kanjika. The canjica is made with corn grains cow's milk butter water sugar peanut butter and coconut milk.


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