My experience with blogger

I love using blogger love posting things on my theme in addition tô stay more in touch with the technology inside the later becomes nagasumi
I Will admit that  it's kind of annoying tô have to do the blogger but  Very Nice to do It
ALL of which make the blogger have to be  Very patient because sometimes tou writh wrong  things or have to keep opening the Google Translator.

Father's Day Neck Tie And Shirt Cake - How To With The Icing Artist And ...

Hiii people!!!!

Father's day os coming and today I came tô show you Hou tô make a cake and talk about some restaurantes that my dad Like!!!

1. 6 eggs
2. 2/1 Cup of sugar
3. 2 Cup of  flour
4. 1 Cup of milk
5. Tables poon baking powder
6. Drops of vanilla
7.  Letro of whipped crean
8. 200g of dulce de leche
9. Strawberry

My Like Outback, divine stove, two brothers etc

How To Make Burritos-Mexican Food Recipes-Beef,Beans,Cheese


mexican food

Mexican   food     

      i´m one of those people who love to taste different foods.           these holidays provided many different foods but the one I liked the most was Mexian food.              THE HISTORY OF MEXICAN FOOD...

Burito:       say that it all started at the time of the Mexican revoulution, in the city of  Chihuahua,mexio.                 there was a food stall whose owner was named Juan Mendez.       some Mexicans who fled the revolution lived on the American side, and as they loved the food of  their country, they began to make orders for mr. Juan. to deliver the orders, it was necessary to cross a river, the Rio Grande and, the food was getting cold.           it was then that john had the ideia of rolling meat,lettuce beans and some kinds of saues on wheat tortillas, making several rolls, and putting everything into bags.              Only that the orders were increasing and could not carry the bags in hand, and then mr.Juan decided to buy a donkey so burito.

three celebrities and their favorite foods

Katy Perry
Singer love all kinds of mushrooms! Love mushroomsi could eat a ton of them mushooms in general are great they are so healthy and good for you! Said the singer in na interview in people magazine.

Hugh Jackman

Do you wantto call Wolverine for dinner? Enjoythewinter and prepare na evening of cheese and wine. According to the popsugar he said: i am a true foodie and i love good wine! A good cheese and a good wine. Taylor Swifty

In na inteterview with the good morning program the singer stated that her comfortfoodis the cinnamon cerealtoastcrunch. So this?