this wednesday {31}, Montes Claros will meet the winner of the contest food di Buteco 2017. The result will be presented at an event  for guests and owners of the uares. In this edition, the chosen theme was  cereal, which, according to the organizers, could come as a main ingrediente or accompanying the competing strip-taste. the 11th edition of the contest in the city was held from april 14 to may 7, and gathered 19 participating bars.
     the public can vote through the cells  made available by the bars, and in addition to the evaluation of the regulars, the dishes will also be evaluated.
                   bye bye guys,kisses!!!!!


  1. Hello Marcela ... I like food and your post ... my favourite food is estrogonofe

    I love the contest food di Buteco 2017. Full of news and greasy😋. Full of new food , I alread tasted Bolinho de feijoada . Bolinho de feijoada is delicious ...

    Kisses ... bye bye 😙😙


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